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Understand the Path of Leads to Sales

Last Updated: Sep 13, 2017 06:33PM EDT

 The PestPac Lead Management platform is designed for you to collect leads, automatically assign them to a salesperson, and keep track of milestones in the sales process. 

You visualize this via the Sales Funnel.


Leads can enter the funnel in three ways:

1. Phone Call - You can set up a trackable phone number that records incoming calls. 

2. Form Submission - You can design a custom lead capture form for website visitors to complete. 

3. Manual add - Lead information can be added into the system by a user.

You have the ability to define specific Lead Assignment Rules depending on various criteria (e.g., the service, the product,  lead location, etc). 

In our example, we have a lead assignment rule defined that assigns leads from the State of NJ with the target pest of Bees to a specific salesperson everytime.


After a lead is assigned to a salesperson using an assignment rule, the salesperson is notified to begin their process, known as a Sales Workflow

Sales Workflows consist of multiple steps with specific deadlines for the salesperson to complete. As steps are completed, the lead moves through stages of the sales funnel. Alerts can be set when workflow steps are overdue to the salesperson and their manager. 

In our example, we have set up a Sales Workflow for Residential Leads. 

Step 1: The salesperson will contact the lead to schedule an inspection within 1 day of the lead being assigned. 

Step 2: Within one day of the inspection being complete, they will complete a proposal and send to the lead. 

Step 3: They will then collect the signature for the proposal within 2 days. 


When a lead is marked as “Closed/Won,” users can utilize the Lead Close Wizard to schedule the service order. 

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