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Lead Management and Marketing Automation Glossary

Last Updated: Jul 05, 2017 10:49AM EDT

A lead is a potential customer. Leads can be created for
residentialhomeowners, or commercial locations. 
Lead Profile
The lead profile is where all information about a lead, as well as its current status, is stored. 
A campaign is an inbound marketing strategy used by your business to gain new leads. Campaigns can be digital (i.e., search engine marketing, website traffic, social media), or traditional (i.e., phone book advertising, direct mail, radio ads). 
Assignment Rule
Assignment Rules automatically route leads to a specific sales process. They can be customized to be broad scale (e.g. all missed phone leads should be directed to a workflow that returns the within 1 day), or service & location specific (e.g., all leads for termite service
thathave a Boston address should be assigned to the Boston sales manager). 
Workflows are the process that a lead goes through to move through the sales funnel. These are the steps your sales team must complete before you will let them close a sale.

An agreement is a document that can be sent to leads which details
the service terms, price estimate, and other custom fields. 

Sales Funnel
The sales funnel is your way to visualize where sales are in a single moment and to help determine any bottlenecks.

Sales Region
A sales region in PestPac Lead Management is a label for determining lead assignment, usually based on a
geographicarea . Sales Regions are required to be tied to a PestPac Branch. You can create multiple Sales Regions in your Marketing Area.

Sales Role
A sales role is your employee’s title or position. Depending on a sales role, an employee may have more access to information (a Sales Manager) or only what concerns them specifically (a salesperson). These will also be used to create steps in assignment rules and workflows.

ROI is an acronym that stands for Return on Investment. It is a measurement of how much profit your marketing campaigns generated, compared to the cost of running them. ROI can be positive (i.e. cost = $500, profit = $1000) or negative (i.e cost = $1000, profit = $1000). 

A salesperson is a user of the lead management platform. They are able to see information about leads assigned to them by the sales manager or through lead assignment rules. They are assigned tasks for leads via workflows. 

Sales Manager
A sales manager is a user of the lead management platform. They are able to see information for all leads in the sales funnel, review the performance ofsalespersons, and view reports. Depending on permissions, proposals may require their approval before being sent to leads. 
Lead Source
Lead Source is a label for where a lead was generated from (e.g., newspaper ad, search engine marketing, billboard).

Email Campaign
An Email Campaign is a marketing strategy where you send an email message to leads or existing customers, with the goal of promoting a special promotion or offer. Email campaigns can be scheduled in advance or sent as needed. 

Drip Campaign
A Drip Campaign is a marketing strategy where a lead or existing customer is sent a series of emails over time when they meet certain criteria. 

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