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Assign Employees their Access Rights

Last Updated: Jul 16, 2018 02:52PM EDT
Your employees need to have access to the PestPac Lead Management module in order to add, work, or close leads that come in. 

Since not all employees will have the same responsibilities or abilities, you are able to segment their access by whether they are a Limited Sales User or a Sales User. 
  • Limited Sales Users are usually customer service representatives (CSRs) who only need to add leads for salespeople to follow up on or possibly add a lead and close/win it immediately. 
  • Sales Users are your salespeople and sales managers that work leads or administrators who need access to reporting and settings. 
  • Limited PestPac users are salespeople who may log in, use one of your Lead Management licenses, and not use an office license. These users may only view information outside of Lead Management; they can not edit, but this may be combined with PestPac Mobile access.

This guide is divided into three sections:

1. Assign Sales and Limited Sales User access rights
2. Edit or Create an Access Template with Limited PestPac Access
3. Give a Salesperson Limited PestPac Access
To Assign Sales and Limited Sales User access rights:

1. Click Menu > Settings > Lookup Tables


2. Click on Employees


3. Select the employee you're looking for

4. Click the WorkWave Marketing Access


5. Select the Lead Management access rights you want your employee to have. 


You are able to choose from:
  • Limited Sales User - Can add a lead in PestPac, close leads immediately, and send an Agreement to a lead that was closed right away.  Does not require a Sales License.
  • Sales User - Can work leads in a Workflow, send Agreements to a lead in a Workflow, have leads assigned to them, and edit existing Agreements.  Requires a Sales License
  • Reports - Can view Lead Management performance reports. Does not require a sales licensee. 
  • Administration - Can edit Lead Management settings, and view reports.  Requires a Sales License.

5A. If you select “Sales User” you’ll be able to assign a Manager or Performer Roles

5B. You’ll need to select a Performer Role for the Sales User. 

  • A Sales Manager can view reports for everyone underneath him or her and change information about leads, including re-assigning to other salespeople. Can also be a Salesperson. 
  • A Salesperson role can work leads and report to a Sales Manager.  Selecting this will require you to assign a Sales Manager to the Salesperson.

This chart provides a detailed description of the functions available to each permission level.


Create or Edit an Access Template to have Limited PestPac AccessThis is how PestPac will know to not use an Office license when the employee logs in.

1. Click Menu > Settings > Lookup Tables. 


2. Click on Access Templates


3. Pick the Access Template you need to edit or click "Add Access Template."


4. In the Access Template, click "Sales User: Limited PestPac Access". This will turn on the necessary access rights for this template and turn off the options for others. You may also combine this with "Technician-Only Access" for use with PestPac Mobile.


5. Click Add or Save to save your work on the Access Template. 

To assign a Salesperson Limited PestPac Access:

1. Click Menu > Settings > Lookup Tables


2. Click the Employee Lookup Table


3. Pick an Employee


4. Click Branch Access Rights


5. Click the "Sales Access (Limited License" radio button. This will clear out all Branch Access Rights selections for this Employee.


6. Select which Access Template this Employee needs per Branch


7. Click Save

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