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The Lead Dashboard

Last Updated: Oct 29, 2018 01:41PM EDT
The Lead Dashboard is where you can see an overview of all of your current leads. 

To access the Lead Dashboard:

1. Click Menu > Sales & Marketing > Lead Dashboard.



You can also click the Leads Quick Link in the sidebar. 


Leads Tab

The leads tab shows a table of leads and details including:

Field Meaning
Value The current dollar value of services on the Lead
Salesperson The Salesperson the Lead is assigned to
Date Added The date the Lead was entered into PestPac
Lead Status The Sales Funnel Stage the Lead is currently in
Current Task The next Workflow Step that must be completed
Location Code The Location/account number for the Lead
Sales Region The Sales Region the Lead is assigned to
Primary Contact The main contact for the Lead
Lead Source The Lead Source the Lead was entered under
Company If commercial, the name of the Company the Lead is under
Date Closed The date the Lead was Closed-Won, Closed-Lost, Closed Nurture, or Disqualified
Lead Category Commercial or Residential
Lead Type How the Lead was entered: Manual, Web, Import 
Lead Capture Form The Lead Form the Lead filled out
Timeframe How long it may be until the Lead closes
Campaign The Campaign that brought the Lead into PestPac
Lead Email The email of the primary contact on the lead
County The county the Lead lives/works in
Phone Phone number for the Lead
Street Address Street Address of the LEad
City City of the Lead
State State of the Lead
Zip Zip for the Lead
Target Pests The Target Pests that the Lead identified when being qualified
Closed/Disqualified Reason The reason selected by the Salesperson for why the Lead was Lost, Nurtured, or Disqualifed

To edit the visible columns, click the “Choose Fields” button.

You can also click and hold your mouse button on any column header and drag it to a different position. The dashboard will immediately reload with the new layout. 

Funnel Tab

The funnel tab displays a chart showing the stages of the funnel, the count of leads in each stage, and the value of lead revenue in each stage. 


Map Tab

The maps tab shows a Google Map display with locations of your leads plotted on it, color-coded by their status. 

  • Grey: Unqualified
  • Green: Closed Won
  • Red: Lost
  • Yellow: Nurtured

Appointments & Tasks Tab

The tasks tab provides “at-a-glance” information about the tasks for a salesperson. Sales Managers can view the tasks for a salesperson who reports to them from the "Select Salesperson" dropdown menu. 

  • Priority - A color coded arrow describing the priority of the task (Red = High, Yellow = Medium, Blue = Low).
  • Task - The name of the sales task.
  • Status - The status of the task (Open, Closed, Deferred).
  • Due Date - The date when the task is set to be completed. 
  • Task Type - The type of task, as defined by types in the Task Types lookup table. 
Tasks can be edited by selecting the Pencil icon and adjusting the task settings. Tasks edited in Lead Management will cross-post to the tasks section on a location. 

Tracked Calls

The missed calls tab lists phone calls that came from your Campaign Tracking Numbers

The table contains columns describing: 
  • Date/Duration: A time stamp of the call with how long it was.
  • Numbers: Lists what number called and what tracking number it called.
  • Campaign: The Campaign this tracking number is tied to.
  • Matched Customer: Determines if the incoming phone number matches a current PestPac location. 
  • Answered: Did someone pick up the call? Yes or No.
  • Leads: The Lead this call was converted to.
  • Recording: The status of the recorded call - Needs Review, Lead Created, No Recording Available
  • Actions - Allows you to play a recording, convert the call to a Lead, add the call to an existing Lead, or tell PestPac this is not a Lead.

To listen to a voicemail, click the Play button icon under the Actions column:

Then click “Play” in the pop up window:

To delete a voicemail, click the red X button under the Actions column:

To add a missed call as a new lead, click the green check mark button under the Actions column:

To add a call to an existing lead, click the plus button under the Actions column:

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