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Create or Edit Workflows

Last Updated: Sep 19, 2018 01:36PM EDT
Workflows are the process that a lead goes through to move through the sales funnel. These are the steps your sales team must complete before you will let them close a sale.

To create or edit workflows:

1. From the menu, click Settings --> Sales & Marketing Settings.


2. Go to the section Lead Management and click "Workflows."

3. Click "Add Workflow."

4. Choose if you would like to make this workflow active or disabled. Disabled workflows won’t be available for assignment. For example, a seasonal workflow would be disabled when not in use. 
5. Enter a name and description for the workflow.


5. Choose if you would like alerts if the salesperson falls behind on steps in this workflow. Check “Yes” for Past Due Alerts, then select the Workflow Alert.

You will need to have created Alerts ahead of time. Instructions are here: Create or Edit Workflow Alerts


Add Workflow Steps

Workflow steps are the tasks that a salesperson must complete while working a lead. Steps may trigger alerts or automatic completion of the workflow, IE, closing a lead. 

To add Workflow steps:

1. From the Add Workflow menu, click on “Add Step.”


2. Give this step a Name and Description. 


3. Choose what “Type” this step is. Tieing your steps to types allows PestPac to automatically complete the step based on what your sales rep does. For example, the "Agreement" type automatically updates the lead to complete a step for sending an agreement to a lead. 

  • Qualify: Step will be automatically completed if the lead is entered from the PestPac "Add Lead" screen. 
  • Schedule: Step automatically completed if an appointment is scheduled.
  • Appointment Complete: When a step uses this type, PestPac will know to look for a sales appointment's date before sending an overdue task alert. 
  • Agreement: Step is automatically completed when an agreement is sent out for signature.
  • Signature: Step is automatically completed when the lead signs the agreement. This also close/wins the lead.
  • Other: Nothing automatically completed and this step must be manually marked as finished by the salesperson.

4. Choose the sales role responsible for completing this step. Ex: Salesperson or Sales Manager. 


5. In duration, choose how long a salesperson has to complete the step (if a deadline is needed).  This can be in hours or days and will trigger a workflow alert to the salesperson and their manager if the step isn't completed in time.


6. Choose if an alert should be sent out upon step completion. You’ll need to have built a Workflow Alert for a completed task prior to this. 

7. The completion of a step can move your lead to a new stage in your sales funnel. If this step does that, choose where you’d like the lead moved to. 


Example Workflow:

In our example, we have created an active workflow for general pest leads. 

This workflow requires that: 
  1. Qualify: A lead becomes qualified automatically when entered with the Add Lead page.
  2. Schedule Sales Appointment: An inspection is to be scheduled within two days of being qualified. This step will be completed if a lead is entered into PestPac and scheduled for inspection at the same time.
  3. Complete Sales Appointment: The sales person must complete the sales appointment within 7 days.
  4. Send Agreement: An agreement must be sent within two hours of the inspection being completed. This will be automatically completed if the salesperson sends the agreement.
  5. Follow Up On Agreement: If the agreement is not signed right away, a reminder will go to the salesperson to follow up on the agreement two days from when the agreement was sent.
  6. Agreement Signed: When the agreement is signed the lead will automatically close win.

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