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Create or Edit a Lead Form

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2018 05:36PM EST
A Lead Form is a customizable form you create and post on your website to gather information about your lead. Lead Forms can be as detailed or as simple as you’d like, but the more lead details, the better quality of the lead.
Form Settings

From the menu, click Settings --> Sales & Marketing Settings.


Go to the section Lead Management and click "Lead Forms."
1. Click “Add Form.”

2. Name your form and write a description (these details are only visible within PestPac).


3. Select the type of form.


4. Choose the sales region assigned to this lead form (optional). 


5. Enter a header for the form. Use the formatting buttons to style the text (optional). 

6. Enter a footer for the form. Use the formatting buttons to style the text (optional).


7. Choose what a lead sees when they submit the form. 
  • Show Message – A message letting the lead know how long it will be before you get in touch, a thank you message, etc .
  • Redirect to URL – Enter a specific URL you’d like the lead to go to.

Assignment Settings

Choose if the lead entered via form should have the sales region, salesperson, and workflow assigned via lead assignment rule, or if the lead needs to be manually qualified by a salesperson for assignment. 
Capture Fields

Forms can be designed to collect several types of lead data. To add data fields to your forms:

1. In the “Form Fields” section, click “Add Field”

2. In the pop-up, name your field (required).

3. Add help text for the lead to see about what you’re asking for (optional): 


4. Make any field you want the lead to fill out a required field. They will not be able to submit the form without filling in the field (optional).


5. Pick the type of field you want. While you have to select the type of field, not all of these options are required for you to capture leads.
Lead Fields write to PestPac and become part of that lead and eventual customer’s information. Entries submitted into Generic fields will be visible under "Additional Info" on the lead profile.  

6. After your capture fields are added, go back to the top of the page and select "Save & Preview" to review and style your form. 
Style your form: 

Use the editing tool to customize the following aspects of a form’s look and feel:
  • Border Color
  • Border Width
  • Header Color
  • Header Font Color
  • Body Color
  • Body Font Color
  • Body Font Size
  • Footer Color
  • Footer Font Color
  • Submit Button Label
Any changes you make will be previewed live. Click “Save Settings” when satisfied.

Copy the lead form code and insert on your website.


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