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Create or Edit Campaigns

Last Updated: Feb 13, 2018 10:28AM EST
Campaigns are how PestPac Lead Management measures the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. You can use campaigns to group leads from a source and compare the cost of getting that lead to the revenue it generated. 

Campaigns can be tracked by our tracking script and/or by trackable phone numbers. Specific details on implementing these tracking features are described separately. 

You will need to have created lead sources before you may create a campaign. 
To create or edit a campaign

1. Click Menu > Settings > Sales & Marketing Settings

2. In the Lead Management section, click Campaigns.

3. Click on Add Campaign.

4. Select the Lead Source from 
the dropdown menu.

5. Name your Campaign. This will be visible to your employees.


6. Choose the Sales Region that this campaign should be associated with (you can select more than one sales region). Only users in these regions will see the Campaign. If you only have one Sales Region, you won't have this option.


7. Enter a unique code for your Campaign. You'll use this for reporting as well as with the WorkWave Marketing tracking script. 
8. Enter a description for the campaign. 

9. Enter the cost of the campaign in dollars (e.g., if you are placing a newspaper ad with a cost of $300, enter 300.00). If you are paying a fixed price per lead, select the checkbox and enter the per-lead value.
10. Choose if sales users should be able to manually select the campaign when entering a lead.


11. Choose if the campaign will be tracked with a phone number


12. Click Save.

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