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Add a Lead and Assign to a Salesperson

Last Updated: Jan 19, 2018 01:20PM EST
Using PestPac Lead Management, you can add a lead to PestPac and either let it auto-assign to a salesperson or pick one yourself. What you do will depend on your company’s policy and the wishes of the lead.
1. Click Menu > Sales & Marketing > Lead Dashboard.



2. Click the "Add Lead" button. 

3. Select whether you’re adding a lead for a new or existing location.


3A. If an existing location, you’ll be asked to search for that location. You may search by name, company, street, email, or phone. PestPac will autofill any information it knows about the location. 


3B. Otherwise, enter the information on your own. PestPac only requires that some of the fields be filled in, but your company may have stricter policies.

Please speak to your manager for company specific requirements.
PestPac Required PestPac Optional
Lead Type (Residential or Commercial) Suite/Apt
First Name Best Contact Method
Last Name Best Contact Time
Street Timeframe
Zip Target Pests
Email address Campaign
Branch Referred by
Service Note Type/Note
Phone number Location type
Sales Region Division

4. When you click “Add Service,” 
pop up will open and ask you to select the service, frequency, and confirm the cost. You MUST add a service if you're scheduling an appointment.

5. Select the service or product you’re adding to this lead.


6A. If you select a service you will need to select a frequency (A), confirm the initial price (B), and confirm the recurring 
price (C) .


Your company may have this filled in automatically. You’re also able to enter in a discount.

6B. If you select a product you only need to enter in
a quantity. Price may be determined by your company ahead of time. 


7. You can add referral details to a lead by selecting Employee, Customer, or "Other" if you want to type in your own answer. 

8. Because you are assigning this to a salesperson, leave the “Lead Status” as “Active.”

9A. Decide if you're picking a Salesperson for the lead. If you select "Leave to Assignment Manager", PestPac will pick the Salesperson. You may come back to this after you schedule an appointment and change anytime.

9B. You can also schedule an Estimate Order for the lead. You MUST have a service on the lead (even if it is set to $0) to schedule an Estimate.

If you click “Schedule Now,” the PestPac Quick Scheduler will open in a pop-up window. Make sure you allow pop-ups from PestPac.

If your company has created Lead Assignment Rules, PestPac will highlight the suggested salesperson. If no Assignment Rule applies, select the salesperson you want the lead to be assigned to. Either way, select the time for the Estimate.


When the order is created, it will be added to the lead and try and match it to a Salesperson. Otherwise, select the Salesperson you want.

9C. If you need to leave the appointment to the salesperson to schedule, click “Leave to Salesperson.” 


10. Click “Save” to enter the lead.  


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