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Add or Edit Services on a Lead

Last Updated: Oct 16, 2017 04:24PM EDT
Throughout your day, you should be updating tasks and adding or editing information about your leads to feed information back to your Sales Manager. 

As you qualify your leads you’ll need to add, edit, or remove products & services to get the sale.
1. Click the Quick Links button.


2. Click Leads

3. Select a lead from the lead dashboard. 


4. To add a service, click “Add Service”. To edit a service, click the pencil.

5. Either way, you can now edit information about the service itself.

  • A. Service or Product: select from the list of services your company has to offer. Content in this menu is pulled from the Services Lookup Table,
  • B. Frequency: select the number of times that the lead will be billed for this service. This number determines the pricing for the service and is pulled from the Schedule Frequencies Lookup Table. 
  • C. Subtract one recurring service from first year price: If you enable this option, the total price for recurring services will consider the initial price as part of the frequency total. 
  • D. Initial Price: enter the price of the initial service. If you have this number defined in your services lookup table, it will automatically import.  
  • E. DiscountEnter discount amount in dollars you’re giving off of this service (if you are).
  • F. Is an upsell: check this box if you’ve sold this additional service on top of what the lead initially requested.
  • G. Add to all Locations: Decide whether this service will be added to only this location or all of the lead’s locations.

 5. Click “Save.”


7. If you need to remove a service, click the X.


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