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Close a Sale in One Call

Last Updated: Jan 19, 2018 12:38PM EST
When a lead does not need to work with a salesperson to become a customer, PestPac Lead Management allows for a lead to have an agreement sent to it and/or be closed won immediately.

1. Click the Quick Links button.


2. Click the "Leads" button.

3. Click "New Lead."

4. Enter in the lead’s information. You will need the follow the required field rules your company has set as well as enter a service. 

5. You'll need to choose whether this lead is automatically closed won or if an agreement needs to be signed, first. 


A. Closed Won - Choose this if you don't need an agreement or if you don't need one to be signed before you schedule service.
B. Pending Agreement - Choose this if the agreement must be signed before service may be scheduled. The lead will not be closed as Won until the agreement comes back signed.

6. In the top right of PestPac, click “Save.”


7. PestPac will ask if you’d like to generate a proposal. If your company wants you to send agreements, click “OK.” If not, hit “Later” and skip ahead to step 12.


8. If generating an agreement, select the appropriate agreement template (as determined by your company) from the “Template” dropdown.

9. Fill in all fields required by your company. When complete, click either “Request Signature by Email” to send the agreement via email or “Collect Signature Now” if the customer is in front of you. 


10. If sending via email, a screen asking you which email address on the lead should receive the email.

11. If collecting signature now, the agreement will open on your computer in a new tab. The customer must click on any areas highlighted in yellow to enter their name.

12. Return to PestPac and click "Menu."


13. Hover over Sales & Marketing > click Closed Won Lead Queue.


14. Click on the lead you just closed.

15. Begin scheduling service and/or service setup per your company’s policy. The technician, frequency, service, and price will import from the closed won lead. 


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