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Copy and Edit an Agreement Template

Last Updated: Jan 02, 2018 12:14PM EST
PestPac Lead Management allows you to make unlimited copies of your agreement templates. You may use the included "Sample 1" template to base the rest of your agreements off of. 

To copy an agreement template: 

1. From the menu, click Settings --> Sales & Marketing Settings.



2. Go to the section Lead Management and click "Agreement Templates."

3. Click on the Copy icon next to the template to be copied.


4. Click the checkbox to set this template as enabled. This will display it in the list of available agreements to choose from to send to a lead


5. Enter the name for the agreement. 


6A. Click "Add A Custom Field" to add options your salesperson can select from when sending an agreement. NOTE: Only the salesperson can fill these fields out, not the lead. 

6B. Name your custom field and select the type of field you'd like to have. You can also make the use of these fields mandatory. NOTE: These fields will not write back to PestPac, they are for information purposes on the agreement.

Available Field Types are:
Field Use
Check Boxes Multiple choice selections.
Date Picker Launches a calendar to pick a date with.
Drop Down List A list in a menu. Select only one option.
Email Address Single line email address field.
Number Launches a number-pad on user's device.
Paragraph Text Long form text field. 
Phone Number Launches number pad with phone number format.
Radio Buttons Multiple choices presented but only one can be selected.
Text Single line text field.

7A. Click “Add a Term” to choose the terms to be included in this agreement.

7B. Click "Select" on the term(s) you want to include in this agreement. You must Add Agreement Terms before you can do this. 


8. If you'd like to edit the source HTML for the agreement, click "Edit". 


9. To see a sample of your Agreement with sample data in it, click "Preview." Otherwise, click "Save."

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