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Check the Management Dashboard

Last Updated: Sep 13, 2017 05:49PM EDT
The Management Dashboard provides summary information for how well your business is closing business and where your largest lead drivers are.  It can show information for the current month, previous month, previous three months, previous 6 months, or previous year by selecting a time frame from the drop down menu at the top of the dashboard.

From the drop down menus at the top of PestPac, select “Sales & Marketing” > “Management Dashboard”

Information displayed in the Management Dashboard includes:

Commercial vs. Residential - A pie chart that shows the percentage of residential leads compared to commercial leads 

New vs. Repeat Customers - A pie chart that shows the percentage of new leads compared to repeat customers

Total Leads - Tells you the total number of leads received over time

Total Sales - Tells you the total number of sales completed 
over time 


Average Cost Per Lead - Tells you the average price you paid per lead generated by a marketing campaign

Average Cost Per Sale - Tells you the average amount of money you paid to earn a sale over time

Average ROI - Gives you the average amount (in a percent) of how much you are spending on marketing costs vs how much you are earning back from sales

Top/Bottom Campaigns by ROI - Lists your top three performing campaigns and your bottom three performing campaigns

Total Sales Count - A graph showing the total amount of closed sales.

Total Sales Value - Tells you the total value of your closed sales.

Close Rate - A graph showing the percentage of leads closed/won.

Average Time to Close - Tells you the average time frame for a lead to move through the sales funnel.

Average Sale Value - Shows you the average total value of a sale to a lead. 

Top/Bottom Sales Regions by Sales Value - Lists your top and bottom sales regions by revenue generated from new leads.

Top/Bottom Salespersons by Sales Value - Lists your top and bottom salespersons by revenue generated from new leads. 


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