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View Your Campaign Performance Report

Last Updated: Jul 16, 2018 03:13PM EDT
PestPac Lead Management generates a performance report that shows the results of marketing campaigns for the current month, as well as the previous month, previous 3 months, previous 6 months, or previous year. 

To access the Campaign Performance report:

1. Click Menu > Sales & Marketing > Sales & Marketing Reports 

2. In the Lead Management Reports section, click Campaign Performance.

3. Fields displayed in the Campaign Performance Report include:
  • Campaign - The name of the campaign
  • Cost - The total amount of investment on a campaign.
  • Sales Value - The amount of revenue generated by the campaign.
  • ROI - The return on investment for your campaigns. This takes the sales value you generated and divides it by the amount you spent on the campaign to generate leads. 
  • Leads - The number of leads generated by the campaign.
  • Sales -The number of closed-won leads generated by the campaign
  • Customers - The total amount of customers for the campaign. Example: two closed-won leads on one customer would be Leads = 2, Customer = 1.
  • Conversion Rate - The percentage of leads that were converted to sales. 
  • Cost/Lead - The cost you paid for each lead. This takes the cost of the campaign and divides it by the number of the leads that it generated.
  • Cost/SaleThe cost you paid for each sale. This takes the cost of the campaign and divides it by the value of the leads that it generated.
  • Sales Value/Lead - How many leads the campaign generated divided by how much revenue you generated in closed-won sales.
  • Sales Value/Sale - The average value of the sale per closed-won lead.
  • Avg. Time to Close - The average time it took for a lead to complete the sales funnel as closed-won.
  • Cost/Customer - A formula that explains the cost spent to convert a lead into a customer for a campaign.
  • Avg. Sale - The average sale amount for an order in the campaign.
  • Calls - The amount of tracked phone calls generated by the campaign
  • Clicks - The amount of tracked website clicks generated by the campaign. 
Rearrange columns in the report the way you want by clicking and dragging the columns names around.

Filter the Campaign Performance Report to see sales reps from a specific Sales Region by changing the “All Sales Regions” and/or "All Lead Sources" option. The table is automatically updated upon selection. 

All fields in this report are enabled by default. Disable specific fields by clicking the “Choose Fields” button and check/unchecking your preferred items. 


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