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Set Your Review Preferences

Last Updated: Feb 12, 2018 09:48AM EST
When you complete a service, your customers will be invited to write a review and rate how you did, but how do you make sure you don't ask too often?

To change how often your customers receive review requests:

1. Click Menu > Settings > Sales & Marketing Settings.


2. Under System Settings, click Marketing Settings. 

3. Make sure you're on the Business Reviews tab. 


4. Set your time settings for review requests.

A. Days to Wait Before Sending Business Review Request:  How many days after an order has been released should PestPac wait to send a review. Enter "0" if you want requests sent immediately. 
B. Days Between Business Review Requests: How many days should PestPac wait between sending the same person different review requests. Most users say 30, but you know your customers best.
C. Max Number of Review Follow-Up Requests: If a customer doesn't respond to the review request, how many times should PestPac ask again? Enter 0 if you do not want PestPac to follow-up at all.
D. Days Between Review Follow-Up Requests: If you want PestPac to follow-up on requests, how many days apart should those follow-ups be?

5. Next, set your review contact preferences.


A. Optimize for Google Reviews: If your customer has a address on their location, we'll show them the option to review on Google first since they already have a profile there.
B. Request Reviews by Text if Possible: If the location has a mobile number, send them the review request by SMS message. This has an associated cost. 

6. When you're finished, click the gold "Save" button in the upper right-hand corner.


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