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Respond to Your Reviews

Last Updated: Apr 30, 2018 12:08PM EDT
When a ContactUs Business Review is received, positive or negative, you have the ability to reply to it directly.  Whether it is to thank them for their great review, or an attempt to fix situations that brought on the negative review, replying is a great way to show potential customers how great you would be to work with!  

Here are some tips from the Better Business Bureau on responding to reviews: How to Respond to Bad Online Reviews

Replying to a review alerts the customer who left it, but does not invite them to reply further.

Please note that this is only for Reviews left on Reviews on third-party sites must be handled on each respective site.

BBB (you must click "Business Login")
To reply to a ContactUs Review: 
1. Click Menu > Sales & Marketing > Reviews Dashboard.


2. Find the review you want to reply to and click the Reply button. You may filter the list down by using the selection tools at the top of the page.  

Under Actions, click the Reply button.


3. Enter the desired reply, and when you're done, click the gold "Save" button.


4. The reply will be posted and your customer will receive an email notification. 

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