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Build a Reviews Widget for your Website

Last Updated: Dec 19, 2017 02:23PM EST
Once you start generating reviews, you'll want to use your website as a way to promote the good things people are saying about you.  With WorkWave Reviews, you are able to generate a widget for your website that will show a small list of positive reviews.  

This widget only displays 4 and 5-star reviews, and updates in real time.

To begin using the Reviews Widget:

1. Click on Menu > Settings > Sales & Marketing Settings.



2. In the Profile Page Settings section, click Reviews Widget Builder. 

3. Your profile URL will be pre-filled. Do not change this. Define the width and height of your widget or stick with our defaults.

4. Now, decide what your widget should look like and what it should show.
A. Star Rating Summary and Display: Choose if you want the star rating displayed. This will be an average of your review scores.
B. What People Are Saying: This will take common words across your reviews and group them to show what people typically say about your company. For instance, "Reliable | 10" or "Helpful | 20".
C. Reviews: Uncheck this if you do not want the text of what people are saying - just the rating. 
D. Show Header: The header of the widget.
E. Show Footer: The footer of the widget.
F. Generate Rich Snippets: Check this if you want the widget to be eligible to display a star rating for the page on Google. This does not mean Google will do it, just that the widget will send the information.

5. You may then also set the size and colors of your header, footer, and body of the widget to match your website.

6. Click Preview to review the widget.


7. You'll see a preview of what you've done. If you need to make changes, click Back. If you're happy, click Get Code.

8. The code for the widget will display. Copy and place on your website or send to your marketing team.

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