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Create a Drip Marketing Campaign

Last Updated: Oct 27, 2017 11:49AM EDT

To create a drip email campaign:

1. Click Menu > Sales & Marketing > Drip Email Campaigns.

2. Click the “New Drip Campaign” button

3. Choose the type of campaign this drip is for:

The campaign types are:

  • Nurture: A campaign to try and gain business out of leads who have previously turned you down. Leads can be added automatically via PestPac Lead Management.
  • Onboarding: A welcome campaign for new sales. Customers can be added automatically via PestPac Lead Management.
  • Upsell: A campaign targeting existing customers with the goal of getting them to purchase a more expensive service.
  • CrossSell: A campaign that targets existing customers with the goal of selling them a new service.
  • WinBack: A campaign targeting customers who have left you.

4. Give a name to the Campaign.

5. Select the contact list that should receive the emails from this campaign. Pick "None - Dynamic additions only" if you are creating a Welcome or Nurture campaign and want the contacts to be added automatically from PestPac Lead Management.


6. Enter the cost for your campaign (if applicable). This is required but can be left at $0 if there is no associated cost.

7. Tracking phone numbers are used to create a unique phone number for a campaign. When a tracking number is part of your email template it will be inserted dynamically.

Click "Track with a phone number" to provision a phone number. Any associated costs will be displayed.


7a. If using a trackable phone number, click the pencil icon.

7b. Enter the area code you'd like to make a number for.

7c. Pick the phone number you want to use.


7d. Choose a destination phone number. This is the number that will ring when a customer calls you.


8. Now is a good time to click "Save."

Add steps to the drip: These are the emails you'll send to your list of contacts.

1. Click add step. 


2. Enter the name of the step. 

3. Enter how many minutes/hours/days/weeks/months PestPac should wait before sending this part of the drip campaign. 

4. Pick the email template that should be on this step.

5. Choose the days for this step to be sent on. If the time falls on an ineligible day, the step will complete on the next active day.

6. Choose the time for the step to trigger. It is localized to the time zone of the sender. 

7. Click ok.

This step is now listed under the “Drip Steps” section.  Edit existing steps by clicking the pencil icon. Delete existing steps by clicking the delete icon.


8. Click Save.

9. Start your Drip Campaign by clicking the Play button.

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