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Send an Agreement to a Lead

Last Updated: Jun 04, 2018 03:53PM EDT

An agreement can be sent to a lead if it is qualified, contains a service, and is assigned to a sales person. For the default workflow, sending the agreement will autocomplete a workflow step. When the agreement is signed, the lead will close as won. 

To send an agreement:

1. From the menu, click Sales & Marketing --> Lead Dashboard.

 Next, click the lead you want to update

2. Click on the Agreements tab.


3. Click the "Add Agreement" button.


4. Select the appropriate proposal template (as determined by your company) from the “Template” dropdown.

5. Choose the Charge Type for this agreement. If using a "Per Service" charge type, the payment will display with the initial payment, first year total, and annual recurring total as separate line items.


If using a "Payment Plan" charge type, you will have to first identify the billing schedule. The payment will display based on this billing schedule with the annual and recurring annual total. 

6. Fill in all fields required by your company. When complete, click either “Request Signature by Email” to send the proposal via email or “Collect Signature Now” if the customer is in front of you. 

7. If sending via email, a screen asking you which email address on the lead should receive the email. You can also add a personal note that will appear on the email, or add an attachment. Attachments added from this screen will be included with the email message and will not be appended to the agreement. 

8. If collecting signature now, the agreement will open on your computer in a new tab. The customer must click on any areas highlighted in yellow to enter their name.

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