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Set Your Review Display Settings

Last Updated: Jan 23, 2018 10:00AM EST
Users of the PestPac Reviews module have the ability to choose where their customers can leave reviews. If using the ContactUs microsite, additional settings are available to control display settings and messaging after a review is left. 

To set your ContactUs Review Settings:

1. From the Menu, click Settings, then Sales and Marketing Settings.


2. In the System Settings section, choose "Marketing Settings."

3. Click the Business Reviews tab.

Settings in this section include:

  • Minimum Review Size: Allows you to set a minimum character limit for your review comments. 
  • ContactUs Post Business Review Screen: Choose if after leaving the review, the customer is urged to review you on other sites, share the review on their social networks, or display a thank you message. 
  • How to Display Review Names on your Profile: Choose the format of how customer names are displayed on your reviews (Full Name, First initial/Last name, First name, Last initial). 
  • Hide Company Name: For commerical customers, the review will display as the business name if this setting is set to no. 
  • Thank You Custom Message: Allows you to create a unique thank you message that is displayed to reviewers. 

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