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Use Tasks on Your Leads

Last Updated: Apr 25, 2018 05:05PM EDT
Tasks help to keep you on track to close your leads. PestPac Lead Management has two sorts of tasks:

Workflow StepsThese are tasks assigned to you by your Sales Manager and are meant to serve as your guide to closing the sale. They are the large, milestone goals you must accomplish and move your lead through the Sales Funnel. You cannot remove them - only complete them or change their due date.

For example, a common Workflow Step is "Schedule Sales Appointment." 

Tasks: Consider these the reminders you set for yourself in order to accomplish your Workflow Steps. For example, you may use "Call Bill" as a task to call the Lead to schedule your sales appointment. You create your own Tasks and may edit, move, or delete them as you like. 

Both sorts of Tasks will be visible on the PestPac Location for your lead. 

To update Workflow Steps in Lead Management:

1. Click Leads



2. Pick a lead from your Lead Dashboard.

3. Click Update Task.

4. You'll see 5 options:

  • Complete Task/Schedule Appointment: This will depend on your Workflow. You'll see "Complete Task" if all you can do is say that the Workflow Step is done. If you see "Schedule Appointment", your manager expects you to schedule an appointment with the customer. This will bring up the Quick Scheduler.
  • Closed Won: The Lead is accepting your offer and you don't need a signed digital Agreement.
  • Closed LostThe Lead has decided not to move forward with the sale.
  • Closed Nurture: The Lead has decided not to move forward with the sale, but is interested in contact from your company in the future.
  • Disqualified: The Lead was a mistake or was never eligible for service. Ex: Out of your service area.

To Add or Update Tasks on a Lead:

1. On a Lead, click the Add Task link.


2. Enter the information for your Task.

  • Status: Open, Closed, or Deferred
  • Priority: High, Medium, or Low
  • Task Name (Required): How you'll see the task listed on the Lead and Location
  • Task Description: Detailed notes about this task
  • Due Date/Time: When this task must be completed by
  • Assigned To:  The PestPac user this will be assigned to. It can be anyone who is eligible to take on tasks.
  • Type: The PestPac "Type" of task this is. "SALES" is the default, but more can be added by your Administrator

3. Add as many Tasks as needed - they will be listed on the Lead and in your Appointments & Tasks tab. Your Workflow Steps will always be listed above your Tasks. 

4. After you've completed your Task, click "Edit Task", change the Status to "Closed", and click OK.

5. When the Lead is Closed Won/Lost/Nurtured or Disqualified, all of your Tasks will be closed for this Lead. 

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