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View Your Business Review Request Performance

Last Updated: Jul 16, 2018 04:10PM EDT

Every review request you send is tracked so that you can understand if your customers are opening your messages and attempting to leave you a review. You can then use this to decide if the Reviews module is leading you to a higher review count on your preferred social media sites.

1. Click Menu > Sales & Marketing > Sales & Marketing Reports



2. In the Business Reviews section, click Review Request Performance.


3. The Review Request Performance Report is filtered by your Marketing Area/Branch, so click Change and select a different area if needed.


4. You may filter this report by date, type (email, text), and/or status (queued, sent, open, clicked).


5. Your results for the given filters will be displayed:


Email Opens: The number of review request emails that were opened by your customers.
Email Clicks: The number of customers who clicked a link inside of your review request emails.
Link Clicks: The review sites your customers were clicking on inside of your emails. 
Text Clicks: If you are sending review requests via text message, the number of clicks that were recorded vs the number of messages sent. 
Text Link Clicks
The review sites your customers were clicking on inside of your text messages. 

6. You can even use this report to understand which individual customer did which behavior. For instance, in the example below the customer opened an email and clicked the link to leave a review on


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